January 2013
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Short Trip

So I tooled on down from Colorado Springs, Colorado  to Tucson, Arizona to visit with family. Had a great time. On the way back, I viewed the most beautiful Sunset in Albuquerque where I stayed the night.  Northern New Mexico to Colorado Springs portion had snow and a little black ice, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The hard part was passing the snowplow trucks because they make a thick dense fog behind them where a normal size lower car cannot see anything in front, or the road either.  So they are a bit tricky to pass.  But two of them I got by, and two of them eventually turned off onto an exit after a little while.

It was good seeing family again.  I don’t plan on taking any more trips until after March, so will stay put for a while.

First Post

My first post from a longtime blogger in other venues.  Discovered Hamsphere after quite a while away from radio – with no television presently, it is something to listen to and keep contact with the outside world.  I’ve already had a few QSOs as of Dec 18, 2012.

I didn’t get back on before Christmas as things at home were very rushed and then traveled to be with family for Christmas.  My grandson’s Christmas present was influenza.  For a while after that, I haven’t been able to talk a lot without getting hoarse.  It’s getting better and I should be back on in a few more days.