January 2021
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It’s been a great couple of years!

Traveled the USA south, Utah, Colorado, Europe – including Ireland, England, Paris and Frankfort. (Loved Ireland – especially Balleygalley Castle and Limerick!) Drank Guiness at the factory and got the t-shirt.  Watched pelicans, armadillos, sand hill cranes, and even saw wild alligators.  Made new friends, joined a new church and started up with a writing group.  Several trips to visit family and will make more this summer. Things are good here!

Got interested in some flight apps, including Flightradar24.com, and an app to listen to the various airport towers.  Dug up a whole bunch of my genealogy with new ancestors all over the place.  I am very careful not to claim them unless there is enough “proof” that there is a relationship – also using DNA data.  Too much to do – starting work on my mobile home, and hoping to sell later this year.  May try for a job with a retirement community, but that is still up in the air.

Life is good – may blessings follow you wherever!


Short Trip

So I tooled on down from Colorado Springs, Colorado  to Tucson, Arizona to visit with family. Had a great time. On the way back, I viewed the most beautiful Sunset in Albuquerque where I stayed the night.  Northern New Mexico to Colorado Springs portion had snow and a little black ice, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The hard part was passing the snowplow trucks because they make a thick dense fog behind them where a normal size lower car cannot see anything in front, or the road either.  So they are a bit tricky to pass.  But two of them I got by, and two of them eventually turned off onto an exit after a little while.

It was good seeing family again.  I don’t plan on taking any more trips until after March, so will stay put for a while.